ICT Training

Hello readers,

Guess, where am I now? Ekk..you’re wrong!

I’m in SMP 1 Giritontro. I am joining for ICT Training about how to make a blog, how to teach your students using a blog and so on.  And the most interesting here is its computer’s laboratory is so woooowww….

Honestly, I’m in love with this school at the first sight. I have passed through this school several times, and it was looked so awesome, I though that must be wonderful to work here although its place was too far from my home. But it was just on my mind actually. And today I have a chance to join an ICT training in this school and approve that this school is really really great!! Marvelous!

Now, I’ll tell you about the computer’s laboratory. It’s has more than 20 computers with shared printer and LCD Projector. They connected in a LAN network and they have internet connection too….(* mupeng mode on*).  And….they have 3 Air Conditioner (AC)….!! (*makin mupeng mode on*). You know what, every computer use Windows XP Operating System….

Okey, now let’s realize what we have. I work in SMP 1 Batuwarno and we only have 5 computer in our computer’s laboratory. And their  Operating System are various, from Windows 95, ME, XP, etc. We must divide the students into groups as many as computers we have. Of course, the students can’t focus to the practice.  Sometimes, the students that do not get computer always make some noise and bother their friends.


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